Possibly NSFL Video Of Box Jellyfish Venom Injected Directly Into The Heart Of A Toad Is A Tornado Of WTF

Australia’s box jellyfish is the most venomous creature on the planet, and it’s also in the running for the most deadly creature known to man. This is often hard to process because the box jellyfish can be as small as a potato and still kill a human being in a matter of seconds. There’s been countless Discovery and NatGeo documentaries on the box jellyfish and I’ve watched them all because for whatever reason I’m addicted to nature documentaries. It wasn’t until watching this very short and possibly NSFL (not safe for life) video below that it really hit home just how deadly these box jellyfish are.

In this video below a scientist takes a neurologically dead toad, meaning it feels no pain and it’s brain has been scrambled, and he injects box jellyfish venom directly into the heart of the toad while the camera is pinned onto the heart of the toad. So we see how the heart reacts to this venom. It’s a total WTF moment, a hurricane of NOPE:

I’ve lost track, is this reason #10,000 or reason #10,000,000,000 to never visit the island nation of Australia? Every inch of that godforsaken island is crawling with some sort of creature that can kill you in an instant, and this includes all of the surrounding water.

The box jellyfish, the Irikonji, the blue ringed octopus, sharks, sharks, and MORE SHARKS. Australia’s waters are teaming with deadly creatures…why does anyone live in Australia? How does anyone make it to their 18th birthday without succumbing to a deadly attack from one of the billions of deadly creatures in Australia? I just dont’ get it.

[h/t r/videos]

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