Sports Gambling Is Officially Back After Seeing This Absurd MLB Bet Turn Into Thousands Of Bucks For A Lucky Person

With sports gambling back, one lucky person pocketed $20,000 on wild MLB bet

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One incredible aspect of MLB games finally being back? The sports gambling.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being able to crack open a few cold ones and plop down on my couch to watch a bunch of the action, but, for those of us who like to spice shit up a little bit more than the casual fan, betting on games is the way to go. After all, how else can you make a Reds-Cubs game interesting if you don’t give a damn about either team? Oh, right, put a little money on it.

I’ve mentioned before about how pitiful I am at sports gambling, but, hey, that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop me from at least trying to win big money in the future on some wild bets. And, just because I haven’t gotten lucky doesn’t mean I can’t applaud those who know what in the hell they’re doing to cash out — even if I do find myself more than just a little envious.

So the fact that one lucky person just cashed out $20,000 on a $1,000 bet doesn’t make me pissed at all. No, really, I’m fine. Taking home an extra $19,000 for doing nothing but guessing right is totally cool with me — and the bet itself was pretty fucking insane.

According to B/R Betting, the lucky person parlayed four games together — Cardinals-Twins, Brewers-Pirates, Mets-Red Sox and Cubs-Reds — and went with one pretty common theory early in a baseball season: That pitching dominates hitting, and that neither game would see a first inning run scored. Ballsy, right? Well, it clearly paid off for the lucky son of a bitch, with the person netting a total of $22,467.75.

Winning that kind of money has to feel really nice given the uncertain times going on right now. Hopefully the person didn’t just use the winnings to dump back into other bets — but with this kind of luck, maybe he/she was trying to ride that momentum and pull in even more cash. I mean, damn, if this person can turn $1,000 into more than $22,000, imagine what they could win if they go bold again with a similar bet?

For those looking to scratch that sports gambling itch that we’ve all had for the past few months, head on over to my preferred site, BetMGM, which is available for those in Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana or West Virginia; but you can register and deposit cash from anywhere. Good luck; go make me jealous AF.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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