Golf Balls Are So F’n Strong Not Even A Steam Roller Can Destroy Them (Steamroller Vs. Golf Ball In Slow-Mo HD)

Before we even discuss how ridiculously strong golf balls are I’ll just tell you upfront why this clip blew my mind: I grew up on a golf course, I’ve broken hundreds of golf balls in my life by knocking them into trees or cart paths, and I think of them as relatively fragile objects.

Well, clearly I was very mistaken about golf balls being fragile, easily broken objects because these bros took a steam roller and drove it back and forth over a set of golf balls without breaking a single dang one of them.

As noted over on Gizmodo’s Sploid, the golf balls are somewhat deformed after getting ran over with the steam roller, but they’re by no means destroyed. So what’s the explanation here? Magic, clearly this was all done by magic.

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