Steelers Fan Terrifies His Family And Smashes His TV With A Bat When Ezekiel Elliott Scores A TD

by 2 years ago

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In what was easily one of the best football games of the 2016 NFL season the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 35 to 30 on Sunday.

It was truly an epic affair with great plays all around.

One of those great plays occurred when Ezekiel Elliott scampered untouched for a 32-yard game-winning touchdown.

A tremendous play in a game filled with tremendous plays.

However… if you are a Steelers fan then you probably didn’t like that play very much.

Like say, this guy… who decided to take an aluminum baseball bat to his TV while his family watched on in horror…

Yikes. Uh, bro, hey, it’s just a football game. Maybe dial it down a little bit or find something else to watch on Sundays from now on, okay?

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