Steph Curry Says Steph Curry Is The Best Point Guard Of All Time

Steph Curry Golden State point guard

Getty Image / Tom Pennington

Golden State Warriors point guard and former Davidson Wildcats standout Steph Curry believes that he is the greatest point guard in NBA history and Gilbert Arenas agrees with him.

Sitting down with Arenas, Steph was asked straight-up if he is the greatest PG to ever play the game and his answer is ‘yes.’ Then Gilbert dives into an explanation about how Steph Curry has changed the game, how he compares to Magic Johnson, and Stephen Curry discusses how he feels about the comparison along the way.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for Curry to say something like this without angering half of the world, and 100% of Lakers nation. What makes this even more incendiary at this particular moment in time is Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is currently airing on HBO and bringing back the Magic Johnson vs. The World debate.

One person in Gilbert’s mentions broke down the all-time list as “1)Best conventional PG: Isaiah Thomas, 2)Best athlete PG: Magic Johnson, 3)Best hybrid PG: Stephen Curry.”

Another person replied to the Steph Curry video with a picture/meme saying “NBA said you gotta take a drug test today.” The joke here is obvious but I’ll still spell it out… They’re claiming you have to be on drugs to think that Steph Curry is the greatest point guard in NBA history.

Someone else replied “top 2 and he’s not #2.” To which, I’m inclined to agree. Modern athletes suffer from people reminiscing about the ‘glory days.’ Everyone wants to think their generation was the greatest to ever do it. And it’s also pretty impossible to compare modern NBA players to ones 40 years ago because the way the game is played has drastically changed.

But look at how Steph Curry has changed the point guard position for the next generation of basketball stars all while setting NBA records along the way, and a case can easily be made that he’s the greatest of all-time. Now we just need Magic Johnson to respond to Curry’s comment…

The full interview with Steph Curry can be seen on Gilbert Arenas’ YouTube channel:

So is Curry the GOAT or no?