Ex-Teammate Claims Steph Curry Reads Twitter Mentions To Get Motivated During Games

Finding motivation isn’t always easy. Some people get motivated through experiencing pain and setbacks while others find that just reading a few motivational quotes will get their butt into gear.

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry finds inspiration and motivation on Twitter by reading all the hate that comes his way after a bad first half.

On this week’s episode of his “Rogue Bogues” podcast, retired Warrior Andrew Bogut remembers spotting Curry sitting in the locker room and scrolling Twitter after a bad first half.

“He’ll check his [social media] mentions at halftime, when he has a bad half.

“It’s the craziest s— I ever saw. Yeah, Steph, if he had a bad half, he would go on social media and then come out and drop 30 [in the second half].”

When I first came into the league, phones were kind of frowned upon in the locker room for the most part.

Now, it’s a f—ing sh– show.”

Curry would typically come out firing in the second half. Remember this game?

If Steph is looking for extra motivation this season – besides all the Twitter hate – he can recall the time a reporter referred to him by his birth name.

[via Larry Brown Sports]