Steph Curry Dropped A 3-Pointer That Was So Absurdly Fast It Almost Seemed Like He Never Touched The Ball

by 3 years ago

Steph Curry’s ridiculous season somehow keeps getting more insane with each Warriors victory. The 60-6 ‘Dubs played host to the Pelicans last night, which also happened to be Curry’s 28th birthday, and OF COURSE he delivered in magician-like fashion.

The league’s best shooter finished with 27 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals, but no sequence was even remotely close to being as ridiculous as this 3-pointer.

Does Curry even catch the ball here? It’s like it’s being fed to a pitching machine and fired RIGHT back out in one continuous motion. Or perhaps, a nice save in volleyball to keep the play alive? However you want to describe it, this is not how basketball players from this planet shoot 3-pointers.

And yet, we wonder why the dude doesn’t even bother to watch his shots drop through the net anymore.

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