Stephen A. Smith’s NBA Finals’ Prediction Record Proves He Has No F’n Clue What He’s Talking About



I’m sure you’re like me every single time you see Stephen A. Smith open his mouth and spew out something that’s purely for controversial purposes, thinking, “I could easily do that same shit everyday and get paid the money he does.

And if you want even more proof of that, just take a look at this video, which shows Stephen A. predicting the past six NBA champions completely wrong!

For fuck’s sake, guys, has this dude even legitimately watched an NBA game over the past six years, or does Stephen A. Smith just ramble on and one because he likes the sound of his own voice? I’m guessing the latter on that one.

When you consider an infant could have probably gotten lucky and chosen at least one of the past six NBA champs right—unlike Stephen A.—it makes the ESPN personality’s credibility really come into question.

C’mon man!

[H/T Washington Post]

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