ESPN Personality Stephen A. Smith Says He Was Asked To Run For Senate And Fans Are All About It

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  • ESPN “Get Up” host Stephen A. Smith went on co-host JJ Redick’s podcast recent.
  • Smith discussed previously being asked by a former Governor if he’d entertain running for Senate
  • Twitter users were all-in on the idea, encouraging Smith to give it a go
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Stephen A. Smith is a compelling TV personality.

Whether he’s fighting with “Get Up” co-hosts or ripping into the top athletes in the world, Smith is must-see television. Now it turns out that Smith’s charisma was also coveted in another field.

In an alternate universe, Stephen A. Smith is a politician.

Smith was a guest on JJ Redick’s “Old Man and the Three” podcast recently. During the episode he revealed a shocking story. Per Smith, former Pennsyvlania Governor Ed Rendell once encouraged the TV star to run for Senate.

Smith went on to say that the conversation happened around 10 years ago and while he doesn’t identify as liberal or conservative, Rendell felt Smith was “a voice that needs to be heard.”

Those in the sports world know that Smith’s voice is one of a kind. But many were also intrigued by the idea of Smith running for senate. Twitter took the idea and ran with it. Many pictured what it would be like for Smith to be in a seat of political power.

Though many found themselves on the other side of the issue as well.

Whether or not he’d good for the people of the United States is up for debate. But nobody could tell me that it wouldn’t be interesting.