Stephen A. Smith And Mike Greenberg Had JJ Redick Fed Up Over Their Latest NBA Hot Take

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  • JJ Redick has become a popular figure since joining ESPN.
  • The former NBA star has risen to prominence as a panelist on the network’s morning show “Get Up” alongside Stephen A. Smith.
  • Redick finally had enough of Smith and fellow co-host Mike Greenberg on Wednesday’s edition.
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JJ Redick is a rising star in the world of basketball media.

The 15-year NBA veteran signed a deal to join ESPN as an analyst in 2021 and since become one of the network’s most popular faces. Redick has risen to prominence as a co-host of the network’s popular morning shown “Get Up” across from polarizing start Stephen A. Smith.

Redick’s ability to serve as a foil to Smith and provide facts and logic against Smith’s often-emotional takes has made him a star on social media.

On Wednesday, though, Redick seemed to reach his limit after Smith and ESPN mainstay Mike Greenberg argued that the NBA was less physical now than it was in the 1980s and 90s.

“A lot of your arguments. Like complaining to the officials. That’s the same thing that players did back then. And if you want to watch finals games that 75-72, by all means have your nostalgic era, please.”

Smith’s ability to push the buttons of his co-hosts is the stuff of legend, but Redick has shined as someone who has been able to give it right back to him in the past.

Redick and Smith Set Twitter On Fire

NBA fans were split on the argument, with many of them supporting Redick’s claim.

But a number of fans also sided with Smith and Greenberg, claiming that the game has become less physical over over the past two decades.

Whichever side of the aisle you fall on, it’s clear that Redick has been a home-run hire for ESPN when it comes to stirring up debate.