Stetson Bennett Paints Himself As The Victim In Bodycam Footage Of January Arrest

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett

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The Georgia Bulldogs wrapped up the most recent college football season at the top of the world after thrashing TCU by a score of 65-7 in the national championship game.

However, to describe what unfolded in the months that followed as “tumultuous” would be quite an understatement.

In January, Devin Willock and a recruiting staffer were killed in a car crash that law enforcement officials ultimately determined was the result of a street race, which led to police issuing a warrant for Jalen Carter’s arrest due to his alleged involvement.

That tragedy unfolded less than a week after LB Jamon Dumas-Johnson was cited for engaging in similar behavior prior to his arrest in February (Kirby Smart did what he could to downplay that somewhat troubling pattern of behavior last month).

Stetson Bennett also found himself in hot water after the title win, as the quarterback was arrested in Dallas and hit with public intoxication charges a few weeks after the Bulldogs defended their championship.

The QB acknowledged his poor judgment at the NFL Combine while taking full responsibility for his actions—although he was singing a slightly different tune at the time of his arrest based on bodycam footage that was recently obtained by TMZ.

The video shows Bennett was understandably less than thrilled about being detained as he was gearing up for the NFL Draft, as he had this to say when he was put in handcuffs after attempting to gain entry into a nearby home:

“The door shut and somebody fell asleep. And now five million people gotta see it, don’t they? Thank you, boys, for looking out for me. You guys are the best…”

Reputation ruined. Everything I worked for for 20 years: ruined. But ya’ll boys just looking out for me, aren’t ya? Thank you, sir.”

It doesn’t seem like the incident had a major impact on Bennett’s draft stock, although it’s also worth noting he was already expected to go pretty low compared to the more highly-touted QBs teams will be able to pick from.

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