Steve Kerr Reacts To Jordan Poole’s Controversial Late Game Miss

Steve Kerr and Jordan Poole

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

The Los Angeles Lakers took Game 1 on Tuesday night, as they beat the Golden State Warriors 117-112.

However, Jordan Poole was the center of much controversy for his late-game three-point attempt. Now, Steve Kerr weighs in on the missed shot.

In case you missed it. Poole was wide open for a three-point attempt but was extremely far away. The shot hit the front of the rim and LA grabbed the rebound.

Here is the TNT Halftime crew ripping into Poole’s missed shot, per NBAonTNT:

Many flocked to Twitter to complain about Jordan Poole’s shot attempt but it appears Steve Kerr had no problem with it.

According to 95.7 The Game, the Warriors’ head coach wasn’t mad with the shot attempt.

The thing about Golden State is that the shooters have the green light to shoot from pretty much anywhere. So it makes sense why Steve Kerr has Jordan Poole’s back.

Even so, it seems Warriors fans flat-out disagree, as the Game 1 loss is still fresh on their minds.

It seems some fans want Kerr to hold publicly hold players accountable. I’m not sure that’s how it works.

Yeah. Warriors fans are pretty upset.

Luckily for Golden State, they still have plenty of opportunities to get back at the Lakers.

Perhaps Steve Kerr will have a private talk with Jordan Poole about those types of situations. Either way, make sure to tune into Game 2 on Thursday night.