Steve Young Hit The Cleanest ‘Griddy’ Dance Before MNF And People Couldn’t Stop Hyping Him Up

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Prior to Monday night’s football game between the Bears and the Vikings, Minnesota wide receiver Justin Jefferson took some time to catch up with the ESPN broadcast crew. Out on the field during warmups, Jefferson talked a little bit of football before breaking down how to do his signature ‘Griddy’ dance.

Steve Young got in on the action and had everybody impressed.

The ‘Griddy,’ hails from Jefferson’s native state of Louisiana. It started with a friend one of Jefferson’s teammates, Jamar Chase, at LSU.

Chase learned the dance from his buddy Allen Davis, a New Orleans native. It started as a “pregame turn-up” and then went viral in the local community.

Davis showed it to Chase, Chase showed it to Jefferson, Jefferson adopted it as his own. Every time he scores, he hits the dance.

Jefferson showed off his moves to Young, Randy Moss and Adam Schefter on Monday night. As Moss got into it on his own, Young danced onto the screen and impressed everybody with his slick moves.

He came out of nowhere and turned all of the way up.

Young was really getting after it.

After seeing Young give the Griddy a go, everybody was impressed. The reactions online were mixed, but the vast majority were in favor of Young’s Griddy skills.

Not long thereafter, Schefter also got in on the action. His effort was immense, but he fell well short of success with his Griddy.

Although it came primarily because of peer pressure, credit to him for trying. He had fun with it.