Let’s Relive The First Time ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Stunned Vince McMahon Because It Was 17 Years Ago Today

Stone Cold First Stunner Vince McMahon


Seventeen years ago today on an episode of Monday Night Raw live from Madison Square Garden, Stone Cold Steve Austin stunned WWE owner Vince McMahon for the first time and the biggest rival in wrestling began.

Stone Cold versus Mr. McMahon ushered in the Attitude Era and their war waged on for years. Stone Cold went on to become the most profitable wrestler of all time and Mr. McMahon become a constant TV face of the company and possibly one of the biggest heels in wrestling history.

Other notable moments on the show included Ahmed Johnson defeating a kid named Rocky Maivia in a WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament Quarterfinal match, The Legion Of Doom defeating The Nation Of Domination (Faarooq & Kama Mustafa) by DQ, Owen Hart besting Brian Pillman via DQ in a WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament semi-final contest, Cactus Jack beat Triple H in a Street Fight (accompanied to the ring by his then-girlfriend Chyna) and Bret Hart beating Goldust.

In the final segment of the show, Vince McMahon — then still an announcer on the show — left his announce position to confront an angry Stone Cold in the middle of the ring. Austin was on the verge of being arrested by the NYPD after not being allowed to compete on the card because of health reasons.

Austin saw things differently. McMahon saw the lights of MSG while flat on his back. The WWE universe saw the dawn of a new era.

Has it really been seventeen years since the rivalry between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon began?