Please Allow the 1992 Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills to Talk You Out of Your Next Abortion

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Before the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills squared off in Super Bowl XXVII, players from both teams got together to shoot a high-budget pro-life video. This is that video.

Watch it.

There’s, like, an 80 percent chance it will completely change your opinion on the whole abortion video.

The nuanced take on women’s reproductive rights is presented in a easily digestible manner, laden with on-point sports metaphors and clothing choices which have stood the test of time.

Getting backup Bills quarterback Frank Reich’s views on premarital sex was an added bonus. What’s that? You don’t think this guy has any business weighing in on what you do in the bedroom?

You mind your tongue. This is the man who authored the biggest comeback in NFL history.

And anyone who thinks Don Beebe isn’t the chillest can get lost.

I guess the choice is simple. As it’s so eloquently put in the video, you either get an alive baby or a dead baby.

Seems like a pretty easy pick.

[H/T: SB Nation (great find, guys)



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