Craaaazy Ass Surfer Drops Into A Wave ON TOP Of A Shark In Byron Bay, Australia

by 1 year ago

Byron Bay, Australia is one of the most famous surfing locations in the world and some pretty wild footage has emerged of a surfer standing up and dropping into a wave directly on top of a shark. And while this isn’t the largest shark in the world, not a Great White or anything, it’s certainly big enough to shred an arm into chipped beef.

This incident’s gone viral and in it you can see a surfer paddling into the wave, dropping in, and upon standing up realizing that he was directly on top of a shark and that’s when the surfer briefly aborts the wave before ultimately realizing it’s much safer to ride that wave away from the shark and onto safety instead of floating there aimlessly on top of the shark. Another thing that’s blowing my mind grapes here is how goddamn crystal clear that water is and how many surfers there are in the water, yet none of them took notice of a fairly large shark swimming around amongst them

Let’s watch that action once more in GIF before we get out of here:

…(h/t DailyMail)…

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