Donna Kelce Deeply Regrets How She Spoke Of Travis’ Taylor Swift Relationship After Criticism

Taylor Swift Donna Kelce
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Donna Kelce, mother to Jason and Travis Kelce, is still getting used to the whole fame thing and deeply regrets how she spoke about her son’s relationship with Taylor Swift. It haunts her.

“It was okay,” Donna joked when asked what Swift was like, and what it was like hanging out with the international superstar during an appearance on The Today Show in early October. Her choice of words is something that became a bigger deal than could have been expected and she wishes for a mulligan.

The Kelce family matriarch has been a known entity among NFL fans for a few years now. However, Donna really burst onto the scene when the Eagles and Chiefs played each other in the Super Bowl.

Jason plays for Philadelphia. Travis plays for Kansas City.

None of that could have prepared her for the fame — and scrutiny — that was to come.

Taylor Swift takes it to a new level.

Donna and her husband will be in attendance as their two sons play the rematch on Monday night. Taylor Swift and her parents were also supposed to be at the game but weather had other plans.

The Kelces and Swifts were going to meet for the first time since Taylor and Travis became #Swelce.

They started dating over the summer. Their relationship went public when the former attended a game at Arrowhead Stadium back in October.

Not longe thereafter, Donna was asked about her time with Swift. Fans and haters alike took her comments and ran with them.

Surely she would have used the adjective “okay,” if she approved of the relationship, right?! Wrong.

Donna Kelce was trying to come across cool, calm and collected. It backfired.

According to the Wall Street Journal, she would love to have those words back.

Donna Kelce still berates herself for how she handled a question about Taylor on the Today show. Trying not to sound too enthusiastic, she came off underwhelmed. Kelce, not wanting his mom to feel bad, immediately phoned her and assured her that she did a super job—adding that her green eyeglasses looked great.

— J.R. Moehringer of the Wall Street Journal

Fortunately, her son’s relationship is thriving. #Swelce is extremely happy. As is Donna.

These days, however, with the relationship progressing, Donna feels more at liberty. “I can tell you this,” she says, beaming. “He’s happier than I’ve seen him in a long time…. God bless him, he shot for the stars!”

— Donna Kelce, via J.R. Moehringer of the Wall Street Journal

It will be very interesting to see if Andrea and Scott Swift attend the ‘Kelce Bowl’ without their daughter on Monday night. Donna will be sure to let them know how much she loves Taylor if so.