10 Former NFL Players Reportedly File Lawsuit Against The League

Roger Goodell with NFL logo

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

The NFL is reportedly facing another lawsuit.

The league is still in the midst of lawsuits involving Brian Flores and Jon Gruden.

The lawsuit against the Jets and Giants was recently dropped, but it has now seemingly been replaced by one involving a New York Jets player.

According to the Washington Post, the league is being sued by 10 former players who allege that the league has a pattern of arbitrarily denying disability claims.

The players allege that the league has been sending players to financially based doctors who fail to find that players are disable at exceedingly high rates.

They also claim that board of the NFL’s plan has ignored a federal law requiring them to fairly review evidence and instead rely on the opinions on the doctors.

Former New York Jets defensive back Eric Smith is one of the players involved in the lawsuit and he gave his thoughts on it.

I’m trying to look out for all the other guys that have gone through this and gotten the short end of the stick with these evaluations.

After putting their health on the line throughout their NFL careers, these retired players need to know they have a plan in place that will take care of them. Hopefully this lawsuit helps them get it.

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