Texas A&M Baseball Fans Unleashed A Devastating Chant That Made The TCU Pitcher Throw Three Straight Balls

College athletes are (for the most part) pretty classy characters. Which is refreshing, because a lot of these dudes seem lose their classy tendencies once they hit the big show. Sure, I like seeing a bunch of grown men jaw at each other while making millions of dollars just as much as the next guy, but I’m not going to turn my nose up at a little class every once in awhile to shake things up.

Fans of college sports, however, have roughly zero class, which I love. If the players on your team aren’t going out of their way to pound their opponents in the proverbial face, you have to do it for them. When I was in college, our basketball team went to our conference championships against Fresno State. So, obviously, we started a “Fuck you, Fresno” chant. Was it classy? Nope. Did it work? Well, we won, so fill in the blanks.

Enter Texas A&M baseball fans who, to get in the TCU pitcher’s head, chanted a running tally of the number of balls he throws between strikes, something that obviously would become distracting the longer it goes on.

Imagine trying to accomplish anything while an entire stadium of strangers pointed out your weaknesses. “You drink too much!! Your mom regrets having you!! Women only sleep with you if you keep your shirt on and the lights off!!” Very distracting. I would have thrown way more than seven balls. Ultimately, though, that’s college sports for ya. The Aggies needed a win and the only way that was going to happen was if they climbed into this kid’s ear and beat his frontal lobe with insults expertly crafted to make him feel as horrible as humanly possible. A win’s a win. If you have to cut down a few teeangers on national telelvision in order to earn that W, you gotta do what you gotta do.