The Texas A&M Aggies Still Stink And The Entire Internet Finds It Hilarious

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The Texas A&M Aggies were not very good in 2022.

After (allegedly) spending millions of dollars on an historically great recruiting class, the Aggies went just 5-7, including an embarrassing loss to Appalachian State at home.

This led to extremely overpaid head coach Jimbo Fisho getting a little bit sassy.

Especially when it came to his interactions with members of the media.

“If it’s the last question, it (better) be a good question. I don’t need no Houston Chronicle questions. I need a TexAgs question, a good question,” Fisher said during a press conference following the team’s annual Maroon and White Game in the spring. “Sports Illustrated is just as bad. Sports Illustrated? That ain’t a good one either now. That ain’t a good one either.

“(It) used to be the gold standard. Dadgum. Y’all give me flack and I can’t give you flack? Y’all can’t take it. That got personal.”

Notably, TexAgs is a fan site and forum.

But while Aggies have lived in agony throughout Fisher’s tenure, fans across the country have enjoyed the schadenfreude.

That continued on Saturday when the Aggies, who were ranked No. 21 and had high expectations, got curb stomped by the Miami Hurricanes, 48-33.

It appears the Aggies may have solved the offensive problems that plagued them in 2022. And second-year quarterback Connor Weigman looks like the real deal.

But the A&M defense looks like a complete disaster after being carved up for 374 yards and five touchdowns by Miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke.

And fans on Twitter did not hold back when it came to trolling the Aggies on Twitter.

And it didn’t stop there!

Making fun of Texas A&M has quickly become of college football’s great traditions. And with Jimbo Fisher’s massive buyout, it doesn’t look like it’ll be coming to an end anytime soon.