Bro Breaks Texas Largemouth Bass Record Fish Using Chicken McNuggets As Bait, Is My New Hero

This is a ‘fishing story’ for the ages, only it turned out to be legit because it was certified as a state record and there were witnesses. My interest is piqued any time a fishing record is broken but this one has me fascinated because this bro didn’t catch the enormous Largemouth Bass using conventional bait. There was no rubber worm or topwater plug. The new state record Largemouth Bass in Texas was caught using McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets as bait.

Matthew J. McNellis fished his way into the Texas record books when he landed a 10.802-pound Largemouth Bass (24.5-inches long) on Lake Bardwell in Ennis, Texas which is about halfway between Dallas and Waco.

The previous Texas state fishing record for Largemouth Bass was 10.44 pounds, a record set back in 2006. That .362-pound might not sound like a lot, but that’s all that was needed to put Matthew McNellis in the state fishing record books.

The editors of posed an interesting question about this record fish…Was this Largemouth Bass fed around the marina?

Photographs of the fish were taken at Highview Marina on Lake Bardwell, and I’d be interested to know if this bass was so large because it was the king of the lake or if the local fishermen would toss this fish leftover bait when they took their boats out of the water, or even if they were fattening this fish up using Chicken McNuggets. It is a remarkably large fish, so it’s not crazy to wonder if there’s a specific reason this bass grew so big.