Conor McGregor Said He’d ‘Whoop Jesus’ Ass’ In Fight, So A Texas Pastor’s Praying For The Big Man To Cop Revenge

If there’s one thing we all know about current UFC Featherweight Champion, it’s that he isn’t afraid of anyone, boasting about how he can beat whomever dares to step into the Octagon and challenge him.

The Irishmen may have overstepped his boundaries for some, though, when, in an interview with TMZ Sports late last year, he responded to a question about who would win in a fight, Jesus or himself, replying with, “I’d still whoop his ass.”

Now one Texas pastor is raising hell over the comments, as Donnie Romero of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas actually said he hopes God heard McGregor’s claim—and the pastor will be praying for bad things to happen to the UFC fighter, per Fox Sports:

“I’m going to pray that God strikes this guy dead,” Romero said to his congregation. “Do you know why? Guy’s name is Conor McGregor. He’s the UFC featherweight champ or something like that, he’s on this run of just knocking people out. But he got up and he said ‘if Jesus Christ was in the ring with me, I’d knock him out’.”

Following McGregor addressing the comment pre-UFC 194 by saying he and Jesus, “are cool,” the Romero unleashed more hate towards the champ, saying:

“That guy, I’m going to pray that God strikes him down with a lightning bolt,” Romero said. “So everybody in the world that believes the bible, even a little bit, knows that it was God, it was Jesus who struck him down.”

Prepping for another big fight against Rafael dos Anjos in March, Conor McGregor better hope rainy days aren’t in his future, otherwise that crazy bastard of a pastor may get his wish.

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