Texas Tech’s Head Football Coach Fired Up His Team By Hosting A ‘Monday Night RAW’ During Practice


When I was a kid and told people I liked wrestling, everyone would always scoff and ask, “You know it’s fake, right?” as if they were the first person on the planet to discover that fact. However, as my pallette and vocabulary have expanded during my as-yet unfinished tenure as a wrestling fan, I’ve come the conclusion that wrestling, in fact, is not fake. The correct word is scripted. The feuds, match victors, rivalries and long-term storylines are all created in a writer’s room and performed by actors. The actual high-flying fights are, for the most part, real. Sure, the punches are fake, but the clotheslines that come off the top rope are real. So are the flying kicks that come out of the corners. Further proof can come from these two dudes who put on a wrestling match for the boys on the Texas Tech football team. Sure, the moves were scripted, but that guy went through a table. And, no matter how prepared you are or how loose a table is, it always hurts and definitely does not feel fake. At all.