Bro Shares Sad Story About How A WWE Star Got Him Dumped AND Fired In Less Than 24 Hours

People often throw around the expression that they “didn’t see that coming” after hearing a story. Not only did I not see this coming, holy crap, it’s almost unbelievable.

A Redditor posted this insane story in /SquaredCircle today and it’s just got to break your heart. He takes his girl to live WWE Event and a WWE superstar gets him dumped and canned in a 24 hour span.

The man at the center of this sad story is former reality show face and current star of D-list movies, Mike “The Miz” Mizanian. Here’s how The Miz was slightly less than awesome to this dude while sitting front row at a WWE show.

At a house show in Providence, Rhode Island in 2013, had great seats, really pumped loving the show, my girlfriend at the time was with me as was my young nephew, I’ve been trying to get her into wrestling and thought this would be a cool fun experience for all 3 of us, it was, than The Miz reuined my relationship and cost me my job…

Cesaro VS The Miz for the US championship… my girlfriend took a liking to the Miz due do he his previous endeavour on the Real World, so we’re watching the match all is good, Cesaro picks up the win, (we are sitting front row right against the barricade, literaly last seats towards the stage) Miz walks by us selling a back injury my girlfriend reached over and pats his back, Miz immediately turns to her and says “Hands off porky!”…. a few fans around us laugh

My dumbass marks! “Oh shit Miz just….” she turned to me, mouth wide open, tears in her eyes… than it hit me…oh shit…he just called her fat… so trying to” defend” her honor I yell at Miz JUST before he walks through to the back” ay, Fuck you asshole!” The woman besides me demands I watch my mouth in front of all the children, I apologise…

The rest of the night is very quiet and awkward, she just stares at the ground, I offer to buy her some popcorn, she starts crying…we get to my car, drop my nephew off at home and that’s where she starts to berate me, “I can’t believe you let that guy talk to me like that”. “He’s a bad guy, there supose to tha-..” there was no talking to her, I drop her off at home

Next day I get A text from my boss, oh yeah guess what? her dad is my boss! “I don’t need you today” than the same thing the next day, than the next, than the eventual” where trying to cut down on hours and staff” I knew most of the guys who worked there. ..I was the only one who got the good luck on your future endeavors…

A week afterwards she says she can’t be with someone who can’t defend her…from a heel pro wrestler…that make snarky comments…

We were only together for like 2 months. Meh what are you gonna do?

Alright, I’m not The Miz or this poor guy but..THAT IS AWESOME.

Look, chances are the relationship wasn’t going to work out and neither was the job, but this guy has a crazy story forever. He might have gone slightly overboard with the fatty comment, but in The Miz’s defense, he’s playing a heel character. His entire job is to piss off the crowd.

This guy doesn’t seem to broken up about the whole incident. He’s probably better off.