The Truth About Steroids and Other Things Fitness Professionals Lie to You About

Our Weekly Motivation:

After spending awhile dealing and working with people in the fitness industry, I see three trends you bros should watch out for.

1. Steroids
A popular topic amongst my demographic is steroids. I receive some pretty amusing inquiries about them including: IF I CAN SEND THEM SOME. Yes, I have received that question now multiple times.

Now it's important that I clarify the problem here. I have 0 problem with people who do steroids. If you don't know much about them, one of the best documentaries on the subject is called Bigger, Faster, Stronger and can be found HERE.

To me, it's laughable that we tell our professional athletes to do whatever it takes to win and are shocked SHOCKED they take PEDs. Give me a fucking break. Yeah, it's totally natural to drink protein processed from milk into powder form and take 5-hour-energy caffeine boosts 3 times a day, but god forbid someone takes some testosterone so they can hit the ball a little further. FUCKING CRIMINALS.

The real issue with steroids is the massive amount of misinformation that gets passed around because of them. Guys hop on the juice and then tell other people that “you just need to eat more protein!” Skin and bones Bro then buys himself a 10lb. bag of protein and hits the gym. One month later, he sees no real difference and gives up.

So, how do you tell if someone is on the juice?

Well, acne, small balls, and a series of veins popping out of their forehead are good signs. However, steroids have gotten more advanced, so the signs are less obvious.

There are some things that should make you initially suspicious:

Veins fucking everywhere, including the “S” veins that double lap over themselves.

Having massive amounts of muscle with little to no body fat. Guys who can achieve a massive body with under 6% body fat are in the 1% or less of the population.

Squatting a Prius at the gym.

Honestly, there's no real way to tell, but use your instincts. There's a big difference from, “wow, that guy is big” to “wow, that guy looks like he could literally bend a barbell like a paper clip.”

2. The time it takes to get results
We all know the world is full of instant gratification, but let me give you an example to help this set in:

Right now, I'm sitting at my computer at a buddy's lake house in Granbury, TX. My desk for today, a poker table, is being overlooked by a glorious photo of The Rat Pack playing pool. Feelin' damn good.

While writing this, it dawned on me — from my computer I can get: food (delivery), entertainment (Internet), sex (texting the women I know with low morals, and/or porn), and drugs (my boy Anthony) delivered right fucking to me. I actually don’t even have to move out of this chair.

Society has RUINED our expectations on how it feels to become successful at anything. Not just with physical training either, with everything from business to women, we just do not understand the value of patience anymore.

It takes time to get results. Like years, Bro. Do not be shocked by this. The feeling you get when you “arrive” is probably not what you expect either. It will be very anti-climatic unless you are focusing on enjoying the journey.

I leave you bros with this: I remember a successful multimillionaire saying this to me, “Don't compare your life to my highlight reel.” It takes time.

3. You might actually be genetically fucked
I played football briefly at the University of Arkansas. On a particular max day, I watched a WR named Greg Childs, who basically looked like he should be an under armor mannequin, hang clean 405 lbs. like it was nothing. It was unreal.

Genetics are an actual thing, if you have not noticed. Some people have been given the better luck of the draw than others and there is a reality I want to point out.

Life is a bell curve. You remember that shit from statistics right? In almost everything we do, including genetics, falls on a bell curve. Most of us are in the middle, a very small portion of the population is at the better end of the spectrum, and a very small portion is at the lower half.

The obvious thing is that if people like Greg, who probably eats gummy bears all day and has an 8 pack Zeus masturbates to, then there are people who are genetically fucked. Just like Greg exists a the top of the spectrum, someone has to exist at the bottom.  These people, no matter what they do, will never be in great shape.

Kind of depressing huh? Well the chances are that you are in the portion of the world is minute. Just like Greg is a freak, it's a freak scenario where someone literally cannot succeed. And even then, they will be able to be healthier and live longer by eating right and working out.

What I am say though is it is a 100% LIE when fitness professionals do they're high and mighty “anyone can get in shape and succeed bit.” I've probably said it before, but it's not the truth, some people are literally fucked.

I wanted to conclude the article here, but after re-reading this article I realized it was kind of depressing. This should help: Ridiculously Hot Fitness Girls

See you next time, bros,

Alex Nerney – Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (ISSA), Lord of Broscience

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