Thirsty Cleveland Browns Rookie Finds Out What Happens When Creepin’ It Real on Instagram Goes Wrong

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The thirst is real, but sometimes things can go wrong when you’re trying to quench it. That’s the lesson Cleveland Browns running back Terrance West found out when he left this Instagram message on a D.C. woman’s Instagram account (which mentioned that she was married with kids) around the time the Browns played a game at FedEx field. He went into full thirsty creeper mode, liking a shit ton of her pics:





Her husband — a person of the Internet and reader of Deadspin, where the story was first posted — decided that it’d be fun to fuck around with Terrance West. So he gave his number to all his friends, who proceeded to bombard him with “photos of their butts, chests, and wangs. Yeah, wangs.” as Samer Kalaf puts it

There’s a twist! Terrance West has had a girlfriend at the time of his Insta-creeping. They even had their names tattooed on each other. Awwwww!

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Guess how this fairy tale story of Internet creeping ends? Not happily!

At some point, West blocked Hunter’s wife, protected his Instagram, and deleted his messages. On Tuesday, Hunter informed West’s girlfriend of what he did, and she said they were no longer together.

I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be.

[H/T: Deadspin]


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