Thunder Players Take A Jab At Kevin Durant On Twitter For Abandoning Them

Kevin Durant joined the popular table at lunch. The table that he and his clan scoffed at when they walked in with their double popped collars and Adidas Samba kicks. The table that contains a guy who kicked a member of his table in the nads at recess.

Sure, KD trading up means that he will likely be prom king, bang the head cheerleader, and win State, but none of that happens without cock slapping his former bros. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and now Durant’s old crew needs to find a new quarterback to remain relevant in the school’s social landscape. Without that, they are Russell Westbrook and a bunch of Steven Glansberg’s.

Following reports the Russell Westbrook was annoyed with Durant’s season-long buddy-buddy relationship with Draymond Green, Thunder ‘Stache Bros Enes Kanter and Steven Adams took to Twitter to take a jab at their former MVP for Benedict Arnolding them and essentially making them irrelevant.

Kanter you bad bitch, you.

Twitters enjoyed the swipe.

Just a week before, Kanter called for OKC fans to modify their Durant jerseys instead of burning them. Can hardly tell the difference.

[h/t Uproxx]

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