Tiger Woods Will Fix Your Golf Game With Just 4 Words About How To Improve

Tiger Woods smiling on the golf range

Getty Image / Ronald Martinez

Tiger Woods, one of the most dominant athletes in history, is here to fix your golf game with four simple words on how to improve.

There really isn’t enough money on earth to buy golf advice from Tiger Woods. The closest one could get is spending a sizable fortune on a charity golf round with the GOAT and hoping he drops a few pointers. But the man is a billionaire and simply cannot be hired as a golf coach no matter the offer.

Luckily for all the weekend warriors out there, Tiger Woods shared his advice to Eastside Golf while testing out putters. He gave a simple and profane four word response when asked what his one tip for amateur golfers would be: “Don’t f—— watch YouTube.”

The Big Cat is right. El Tigre knows better than anyone the importance of smashing balls on the range. He is known to wake up at 5 AM every day to start his days with an early workout. Tiger practices at least 8 hours a day (including playing) and at times has practiced up to 13 hours/day.

One thing he might not be considering, in this particular instance, is how valuable it is for amateur golfers to watch videos on course management.

Those videos can’t replace actual real-world experience and practicing on the course but there are only so many hours in the day to hit balls and there’s nothing wrong with watching videos on YouTube/IG/TikTok at night when the range is closed.

Not for nothing, Tiger Woods looks good on the grass. Sure, he’s not moving around much. But Tiger looks stable on the grass and you love to see it.

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