Tiger Woods’ Backup Putter Sells For Astronomical Amount Of Money At Auction

tiger woods backup putter sells auction

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  • Tiger Woods’ backup putter was sold at auction for a hefty, hefty price.
  • Bidding for the putter opened up at $25,000.
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One wealthy person out there is now the proud owner of Tiger Woods’ backup Scotty Cameron putter after winning it at auction for $393,300.

Woods’ No. 2 putter was sold at auction via Golden Age Golf Auctions and received a total of 26 bids. The bidding started at $25,000 on August 12, but by August 26 the bidding was already well over $100,000.

While the putter that sold isn’t the Scotty Cameron Woods used while winning 14 of his 15 major championships, this is still a piece of golf history.

The putter, made in 2002, is an exact replica of Woods’ Newport 2 that he’s gamed all of these years. Woods had the putter made to be his backup if God forbid anything ever happened to his go-to flat stick. There are reportedly less than 10 of these Scotty Cameron designed putters in the world.

The offered putter is what’s famously known as a Tiger Woods “backup” – a putter produced for Tiger to practice with and experiment with should he decide to switch putters, or should something happen to the original putter and a backup needed to be called into duty, the auction listing read.

According to Scotty Cameron, he only produced 1 or 2 “backup” putters for Tiger each year they worked together. Tiger would often try out the backups, and even practice with them to ensure they were to his liking, but (so the legend goes) Tiger only used his one trusty gamer in actual tournament play.

Woods’ Newport 2 putter is unique, to say the least, as Cameron drilled out pockets on the back of the head and face, filling them with his iconic red paint, for added detail.

If Tiger Woods’ backup putter sold for nearly $400,000, there is no telling what his gamer would actually sell for. You’d have to start the bidding at $1 million, but Woods would likely say it’s priceless.

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