Brief Mistake Involving Tiger Woods At The Masters Had Fans And Media In Shock

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There are few more “must-see” things in golf than Tiger Woods playing in The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club.

Woods, a 15-time major champion, has won five times at Augusta and even when it seems like he’s nowhere near the level of his competition, he always seems to have a chance at The Masters.

Take, for instance, his incredible 2019 victory.

Woods is now 47 years old. And he plays around five tournaments a year, hardly enough to truly believe he can remain competitive with the likes of Scottie Scheffler and Rory McIlroy.

And yet, how could you not tune in to watch him at Augusta?

The intrigue got ratcheted up yet another level on Monday with reports that Woods played a practice round in a group involving Fred Couples, Tom Kim and Brooks Koepka.

Couples and Woods are good friends. So it was no surprise to see them playing together. Kim, meanwhile, is one of the game’s up and coming stars and personalities. But it’s the addition of Koepka that really raised some eyebrows.

The four-time major champ and 2019 runner-up to Woods left the PGA Tour for LIV Golf just last year. Many wondered if he’d ever even be allowed back to The Masters after the move.

But that’s not all. Woods and Koepka have reportedly had a frosty relationship of late.

Couples, meanwhile, recently ripped players who left the PGA Tour to play for LIV.

So what gives? Was Koepka suddenly in the good graces of Woods and Couples? Was this just a power move by Brooks to show he’s not backing down.

Well, no.

As it turns out it was just a simple mistake.

Woods, Couples and Kim did play together. But it was Rory McIlroy, not Koepka, who joined in to complete the foursome.

False alarm.

But oh what could have been…