The Internet Ruthlessly Reminds Tiki Barber He Cheated On His Pregnant Wife After He Called Colin Kaepernick “Unlikable”

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Tiki Barber is probably the last person who should comment on someone’s likability.

During his radio today, the former NY Giants running back turned commentator gave his take on the Colin Kaepernick workout that happened went down this week. During the segment, Barber says that Kaepernick is talented but that he doesn’t want to see him on the field because “he’s unlikable’

“I almost feel like Colin Kaepernick is taking on an entitled stance right now,” Tiki Barber said Monday on Tiki & Tierney. “At the end of the day, it is a privilege to play in the National Football League; it is not a right. Nobody is guaranteed the right to play in the National Football League. You have to be an upstanding citizen, for the most part. You have to be a good athlete. You have to be intelligent because there’s so much you have to learn. You have to be able to get along with your teammates. All these things that we talk about it takes to be an NFL athlete is earned. It’s not just given to you because you have this God-given talent.”

“It’s almost like he wants special treatment, and that bothers me,” Barber said. “There’s so many players who, if everything went perfectly right in their existence, would never get this opportunity to have a full open workout with scouts . . . and here’s my chance to make it. Nobody gets that. Colin got it, and he acted like he didn’t appreciate it. It’s off-putting.”

“I commend Colin Kaepernick for what he’s done over the last three or four years,” Barber said, “but God, he’s unlikable. And it’s frustrating to me because he has so much talent, and I actually don’t want to see him play on the football field

The Internet was quick to remind Barber about how he once cheated on his pregnant wife with an intern after his “unlikable” comment.

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