Tim Tebow Being Named A Speaker At The Republican Convention Has Twitter Cracking All Kinds Of Jokes

You may have heard that Donald Trump was looking to land Tom Brady (who is definitely in his camp) or Ben Roethlisberger (who apparently is not) to speak for him at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Sadly, for The Donald neither quarterback will be speaking on his behalf. So Trump will going to the next guy on the list of QBs you’d want to speak for you, if you are looking at your list in reverse order, that is: Tim Tebow.

Now we already know that Trump is such a big fan of Tebow that he allegedly spent some of his charity money to buy a $12,000 Tebow helmet so I guess the choice makes sense.

Naturally when it comes to both Trump as well as Tim Tebow the internet has many varied opinions, most of them hilarious. Here’s a sampling…







Ah, maybe this is the real reason Tebow is speaking…


H/T Uproxx