Tom Brady’s 2014 Email To Family Member Takes Shot At Peyton Manning While Predicting His Own Longevity

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In 2021, pinning Peyton Manning above Tom Brady would earn you a one-way ticket into a straight jacket and padded room.

But in 2014—when Brady had a measly three Super Bowl wins and Peyton had one and his neck hadn’t fallen off yet—the Brady vs. Peyton narrative flooded every sports media publication in existence.

Back then, Peyton was coming off a Super Bowl appearance and his fifth MVP and Brady hadn’t won a Super Bowl since Mariah Carey released her 2005 hit We Belong Together. The Super Bowl blue balls were very real and very evident in a 2014 email he sent to a family member, obtained recently by NFL reporter Dov Kleiman.

“Thanks popa. I’ve got another 7 or 8 years. He has two. That’s the final chapter.”

Brady proved to be clairvoyant, as Manning would retire the following year (after winning his second Super Bowl) and Brady is on the cusp of his TENTH Super Bowl appearance at the age of 82, matching the combined total of Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Dan Marino.

If it’s any consolation for Peyton, he and Joe Flacco still remain the only quarterbacks to ever beat Brady in a conference championship game.

This man is super human.


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