Tom Brady’s Mysterious Comment On The NFL’s Instagram Post About Gronk Has Me Curious He Knows Something We Don’t

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Tom Brady is a master at winning. Sure, the New England Patriots quarterback might be 6-3 in his nine Super Bowl appearances, but the fact that he’s even played in the Big Game that many times is the reason why he’s the GOAT. Add in the fact that he’s married to, arguably, the most popular supermodel on the planet and is still at the top of his game at age 41 is enough of a reason to think this guy signed a deal with the devil.

Unfortunately, though, Tom Brady lost his favorite target this past weekend, when tight end Rob Gronkowski decided to hang up his cleats after nine seasons. While the news wasn’t a huge shock considering Gronk had toyed with the idea the past couple of offseasons, actually hearing that the bullish player would be walking away was strange.

On a more positive note, though, Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, did proclaim that he wouldn’t be surprised if the tight end changed his mind, deciding that, midway through the 2019 NFL season, he misses the game and returns to the Pats at some point. You know one person who seems to buy into that theory? Tom Brady.

Don’t believe me? Just look at ol’ Tommy Boy’s comment on a picture of Rob Gronkowski on the NFL’s official Instagram account, which was an image showing the players who have caught the most touchdown passes from Brady.

Hmm… does this seem curious to anyone else? I’m not going to go as far as say that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have hatched up some sort of plan for the tight end to get his body right and take off some time through minicamps, OTAs and training camp and then flip flop and become a potential Super Bowl champ next season. But I am saying that Brady probably has some decent insight into that potentially happening. Hey, he may even be willing it into existence, who knows?

Nobody really wants Rob Gronkowski gone from football. And, while the dude turns 30 years old in May and has lots of mileage on his body from the big hits and injuries over the years, it seems like Tom Brady’s just dropping not-so-subtle hints that he thinks Gronk should reconsider his decision and pull a Michael Jordan to come back and play again.

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