Report Reveals Tom Brady’s Plans For Fox’s Super Bowl LVII Broadcast

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Plenty of notable NFL players have pivoted to a career in broadcasting after hanging up their cleats, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to hear Tom Brady had plans to make that leap when he signed a massive deal with Fox last year.

That move was a fairly unconventional one when you consider Brady inked the 10-year contract worth a reported $375 million while he was still playing for the Buccaneers. However, it’s safe to assume the knowledge that he had a fairly cushy gig to fall back on played a role in his decision to retire “for good” before he shared that news with the world on Wednesday morning.

The fact that the legendary quarterback officially brought his 23-season career to an end less than two weeks before Fox is scheduled to broadcast Super Bowl LVII resulted in plenty of people speculating he may have plans to be part of the broadcasting team that will cover the showdown between the Eagles and the Chiefs in Arizona.

However, it appears he’s in no rush to kick off the next chapter of his life.

According to The Wall Street Journal, anyone who’s anxious to see how the QB fares in the booth will likely have to wait until next season to see Brady make his debut, as the outlet reports he “doesn’t plan to be part of the upcoming Super Bowl broadcast on Fox this month.”

TMZ also spoke with a source at Fox that echoed that sentiment, as the network was apparently not informed about Brady’s decision until his announcement hit social media.

There’s no telling how things will ultimately pan out, but it’s worth noting Brady’s transition has some potential to stir up some internal drama at Fox.

Earlier this year, Joe Buck hinted there was a chance Brady could decide to back out of the deal, and Greg Olsen’s rise as one of the better NFL analysts on television has also reportedly thrown some kinks into Fox’s plan.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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