New Details About Tom Brady’s Ownership Stake In The Las Vegas Raiders Revealed

Tom Brady

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Tom Brady may have retired from playing in the National Football League, but that doesn’t mean that he is going anywhere. Alongside with a contract he signed with Fox to call games for the network, Tom Brady has also recently purchased an ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders.

Of course, the principal owner of the Raiders is Mark Davis, son of the late legendary owner Al Davis. And, Brady had previously bought an ownership stake in the WNBA team, Las Vegas Aces, that Davis also owns.

It’s unclear how much of the Raiders Tom Brady bought and why he did it, but Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tried to shed some light on it. Here’s more.

From time to time, celebrities purchase what amounts to a small sliver of an NFL team. When it comes to Tom Brady ’s looming acquisition of a piece of the Raiders, one thing that hasn’t been leaked to ESPN or other media outlets is the percentage Brady will acquire.

So we started poking around a little. Per a source with general knowledge of the situation, Brady is believed to be buying something more than a ceremonial sliver of the Raiders.

It’s unclear why Raiders owner Mark Davis is selling any of the team to Brady. Usually, the controlling owner of an NFL team sells some equity to generate revenue. For most owners, there’s a strong preference to hold the equity for as long as possible, given that it constantly appreciates.

That’s why Brady would buy it. Having a piece of the Raiders makes a lot more sense than, for example, plunking cash into FTX.

Especially now.

Obviously, Tom Brady has the money to buy a sizable share, maybe even up to 5%. That would run him around $200 million to $300 million. I’m sure we will soon know just how much of the Raiders Tom Brady bought.

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