Tom Brady Lost To The Rams And Lost A Lot Of Money In The Process

Getty Image / iStockphoto

  • After being unable to make a remarkable comeback, Tampa Bay lost to L.A. on Sunday and was eliminated from the playoffs.
  • In the process, Tom Brady missed out on a lot of money.
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Tom Brady almost made history on Sunday afternoon but couldn’t quite pull it off. After falling behind 27-3, the Buccaneers came back from the largest deficit in NFL playoffs history since 28-3 against the Falcons and nearly won the game in the closing minute.

However, the Rams got the ball back with 42 seconds, drove 63 yards on five plays and advanced to the NFC Championship on a walk-off field goal.

In the process, Brady’s bank account took a big hit. Obviously, with a net worth around $250 million, money is no object to the 44-year-old, but he missed out on a big bonus with the loss.

Brady originally signed a two-year deal with the Buccaneers worth $50 million and then signed an additional one-year extension that added $25 million more to the deal. Included in the contract are quite a few incentives.

He had the chance to earn one on Sunday. Brady had a $500,000 incentive bonus for winning a game in the NFC Divisional Round, which obviously did not hit.

In addition, Brady had two more incentives line up if the Buccaneers did win, which, again, they did not.

Had Brady beat the Rams, he would have earned $500,000. If the winning ways continued, he would have received $500,000 for winning the NFC Championship and then another $500,000 for a Super Bowl win.

Thus, by losing to Los Angeles today, Brady missed out on at least half of a million dollars and the opportunity to earn $1 million more. Tough.