Tom Brady Made Himself The Star Of Katy Perry’s Halftime Show On His Facebook Page

Tom Brady, Life Winner.

Tom Brady knows that while the “football game” he participated in on Sunday was pretty good by most standards the real star of the day was Katy Perry and her out-of-sync dancing sharks. More people were probably talking about them the day after the Super Bowl than the inexplicable call that Pete Carroll made on the goal line to drive a stake through the hearts of Seahawks fans everywhere. Hell, you can even buy one of those dancing shark costumes online now.

Sorry, didn’t mean to bring that painful moment up again, but if you are one of those poor Seahawks fans you might want to turn away from the screen as you scroll down.

Tom Brady, America. Drew Bledsoe might not think he’s the best quarterback of all-time, but he’s definitely knows how to #reachforthestars.

H/T Uproxx