Tom Brady Claims He Has Been ‘Using AI’ To Get Ready For Broadcasting Career

Tom Brady attends game between Phoenix Mercury and Las Vegas Aces

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In news that probably should surprise no one, future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady says he has been “using AI” to help him prepare for his upcoming broadcasting career.

Brady, who will be taking over the top color commentator spot from the Emmy Award-winning Greg Olsen for the NFL on Fox, made this admission while speaking on stage last week at Cisco Live.

Before speaking, however, Tom Brady got quite the fancy intro then expressed how much gratitude he had for being “invited” to participate in the event (as if he wasn’t paid a stout speaking fee).

“[Speaking at the event is] a no-brainer for me because I get to out connect with people who are changing the world in so many ways,” Brady began. “So thank you for the opportunity.

“It’s been a good trip. I didn’t lose any money at the blackjack table. I didn’t have one shot of tequila. So I’ve been very successful on this trip thus far.

“It’s been 18 months, about 18 months since I retired from football,” Brady continued. “I feel like I’m busier now than ever. As you go through a career change you’re not quite sure what you really want to do. And I think for me, finding people to work with, finding different teams to be associated with, both in sports and in the corporate world has been very, very exciting for me. Traveling around and meeting a lot of really cool people that are doing great things.

“I think one thing about myself, I was very fortunate to do something that I love to do for a long time, for 23 years I played professional sports, five years in college I played at the University of Michigan … 28 years of of playing something that I loved, not only as a as a passion, as a professional, but it was the first, outside of my family, the first love of my life, and I got to do it for a long time.

“And I learned a lot of incredible lessons for my time and playing with great teammates, great coaches, great organizations, high-performing individuals, leaders that push me to be my best, and the only thing I want to do in the second part of my life is to try to take those lessons I learned from a lot of the people that came into my life and try to give back to other people who want to accomplish their dreams in whatever field or business they want to dedicate their life to.”

Later in his session, Tom Brady revealed to the audience, “I’m about to start my broadcasting career on Fox, and I’m using AI in the preparation for that so I can better understand the match-ups, the plays, and different situations that come up in the game.”

If that sounds a bit dubious to you, you’re not alone.

Brady is a walking, talking encyclopedia of football knowledge so him using AI to “better understand” anything related to the game would be strange.

Then again, Tom Brady was also big on cryptocurrency and NFTs (and we know how those investments turned out for him) so maybe it isn’t as big a surprise as one might think.

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