Tom Brady’s New UGG Commercial Offers Life Lessons, Plenty of Deep Introspection

by 4 years ago

Tom Brady, deep in thought.

Tom Brady’s sponsorship deal with UGG For Men is a master class in trolling the average football fan. Nothing points out just how different the New England Patriots quarterback is compared to the average Rust Belt couch potatoes than larger-than-life reminders of Brady’s impeccable fashion.

But enormous billboards aren’t the only media in the game. As such, UGG allotted some money for some television advertisement work.

Here is the result. It’s a calculated tug at the consumer’s heartstrings in black-and-white glory.

You see that, ladies. Not only is Brady filthy rich, impossibly good at throwing a football and a fantastic dancer … he also loves his dad and will drop everything to play a round of golf with him at a prestigious country club.

What a guy.

In all seriousness, good for Brady for plugging a brand that truly fits his fancyboy personality. It would be weird to see him shilling for something low-class like Cheez-Its or something.

[H/T: Ugg Australia]

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