Coach Tom Herman Gets Crushed For Saying The University Of Texas Is The ‘Mecca’ Of College Football

Tom Herman Calls University Of Texas The Mecca Of College Football

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Oh, Tom. Tom, Tom, Tom. I know Texas Longhorns head football coach Tom Herman was just trying to pump up his players and fanbase, but really?

Appearing on Golic and Wingo on Tuesday, Herman referred to the University of Texas as the “mecca” of college football.

“I fell in love with big-time football as a graduate assistant here [at Texas] and I’m a Division III guy and had coached a year of Division III football and all of a sudden I’m a graduate assistant at the mecca of college football,” said Herman. “So, it certainly was appealing back then and we’re proud to be back 20 years later as the head coach. But I think the state of Texas does well when all of its in-state schools do well, but when you’re the university of whatever state it is you carry a responsibility to make your state proud.”

Pride is one thing. Reality is another. And the reality is that over the past decade the University of Texas isn’t even in the top 10 in winning percentage.

10. Florida State, 97-36 (.729)
9. Oregon, 99-33 (.750)
8. LSU, 97-32, (.751)
7. Wisconsin, 102-33 (.755)
6. Stanford, 102-32 (.761)
5. Oklahoma, 105-28 (.789)
4. Boise State, 99-24 (.804)
3. Clemson, 112-27 (.805)
2. Ohio State, 115-19 (.858)
1. Alabama, 127-13 (.907)

Texas is 76-53 (.589) over that same timespan, 33-31 (.516) over the last five seasons, so it’s not really a “mecca” of college football these days.

College football fans being as rabid as they are, took great umbrage with Herman’s statement.

Actually that is true.