Tom Meents Landed An Insane Double Backflip In A Monster Truck For The First Time

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Look, I’d be lying if I said I knew who Tom Meents was before today. But now, I’m aware that he’s the bad-ass that flipped a 10,500 pound monster truck twice last night in quick succession, and safely landed it on all four wheels to the raucous applause of some 50,000 fans packed into Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. on Saturday night.



Light the candles!

Man, I love this guy’s intensity! Pretty sure he just defied the laws of physics, too.

Apparently, Meents is no stranger to Monster Jam glory and fame, as he’s an 11-time champion. But until Saturday night in Boston, Meents had never successfully landed the double backflip, having tried the outrageous stunt three times previously.

Kudos to Meents’ balls of steel, and his 1,500 horsepower monster truck, Max D, that he uses get ‘er done on a seemingly regular basis.

[via SPEED]
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