Tommy Tuberville’s Plans To Bring NIL To Congress Leaves College Football Fans With Jokes

College Football Fans Bawk At Tommy Tuberville’s NIL To Congress Plans

Getty Image / Anna Moneymaker

The college sports landscape took a drastic turn once the NIL deals came to fruition. Schools across the nation now must utilize money-making opportunities to convince athletes to join their programs. So far, the college football landscape has become ever more popular due to the money pouring in. However, it sounds like congress is taking action as they’ve put Tommy Tuberville in charge of NIL regulation and fans can’t stop laughing about it.

Tommy Tuberville In Charge Of Placing NIL Bill

According to Sports Illustrated, the college football coach turned senator is drafting a bill to potentially mend NIL deals. Due to his experience in coaching, it makes sense why congress would anoint Tommy Tuberville. The Republican Senator claims, “I’ve talked to all my [coaching] buddies. They’ve never seen anything like it. When you don’t have guidelines and direction, no matter what you are doing, you are lost. They are all lost right now.”

Perhaps he’ll provide some guidelines for every team to follow but that is yet to be determined. In the meantime, college football fans can’t help but laugh at the idea of Tommy Tuberville being in charge of regulating NIL deals. Pat Forde, a senior writer at Sports Illustrated came off the top rope with his take.

Everybody seems to have an opinion on Tommy Tuberville being in charge.

We’ll see how this all plays out but there aren’t too many positive takes regarding this news. Regardless, Tommy Tuberville is in charge to regulate NIL deals which could lead to some drastic changes. Hopefully, it works out for the best, especially considering a ton of athletes have already signed NIL deals with the college football season around the corner.

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