Tony Hawk’s Living His Best Life Skating An Empty Swimming Pool Until He Mangles His Hand With Bones Sticking Out

Tony Hawk Breaks His Hand With Bones Sticking Out While Skating Pool

Getty Image / George Pimentel/WireImage

  • Tony Hawk is the most famous skateboarder on the planet and he’s still shredding hard at 53-years-old
  • Proving that Tony’s still tough as nails, he was recently skating an empty backyard swimming pool when he broke his fingers (bones sticking out) and swallowed the pain like champ
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For a sport that isn’t mainstream, and by that I mean a sport that isn’t regularly broadcast on television, it is actually super impressive how often we are talking about skateboarding because of Tony Hawk. It’s not fair to the countless other skaters who helped build the sport to say that ‘Tony Hawk IS Skateboarding’ but it just wouldn’t exist in the mainstream (the way it does) without him.

Most recently here on BroBible, I was writing about Tony Hawk because he was once again confused as ‘a guy who looks like Tony Hawk.’ It’s something that happens to him everywhere he goes. People come up to him and tell him ‘you look like Tony Hawk’ without acknowledging that he actually is the ‘Birdman’ himself. The replies on social media are great every time that happens so check that article out.

Here we get to see Tony doing what he does best, skating. He’s filming a video with Thrasher Magazine and they’re skating some random person’s swimming pool. They explain how they drove around neighborhoods scouting pools and leaving notes on people’s doors. Towards the end of the video, Tony busts it hard and breaks his hand so badly he tells the camera there are bones sticking out. Let’s get to the action…

Tony Hawk Breaks His Hand Skating A Pool

I have a relatively high pain tolerance, or so I’ve been told, but I’m not sure I’d have been able to break my hand like that (at 53 years old!!!) without more of a reaction. Then just get up and tell the camera that bones were sticking out and walk off like it was another day at the office.

Tony Hawk is just built different. Side note, I wonder if he has any idea how many bones he’s broken in his lifetime (doubtful) and if not, I wonder when he lost track.