Tony Hawk Was Mistaken For A Guy Who Looks Like Tony Hawk (Again) And The Reactions Are Great

Tony Hawk Was Mistaken For A Guy Who Looks Like Tony Hawk (Again) And The Reactions Are Great

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  • Tony Hawk has literally countless stories of someone telling him ‘hey, you look like Tony Hawk’ instead of asking ‘are you Tony Hawk?’
  • Since time is a flat circle, it happened once again and the reactions online are pretty priceless
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Tony Hawk is the most famous skateboarder on the planet and he gets recognized everywhere he goes. Except nobody ever asks if he is Tony Hawk, people just look at him and tell him he looks like Tony Hawk.

This happens so frequently that I’ve become a bit cynical and am half-convinced he’s making up these stories like the ‘overheard in a coffee shop’ bit on Twitter. But, they always seem to be legit with some unsuspecting person in the comments later realizing they met Tony Hawk but told him he looked like Tony.

For what it’s worth, Tony Hawk DID finally get recognized in public back in May. It was a huge life moment for him. But now people are back to confusing him as a guy who looks like Tony Hawk.

Aaaaaaaand the girls realized what happened after seeing Tony post about it on IG.

Tony Hawk Mistaken For Guy Who Looks Like Tony Hawk (Again)

You might’ve seen a few tweets like this before. Tony’s big on sharing them. He probably gets recognized 50 times a day (or more) but it feels like he chooses to share the one time every other month that he gets confused as someone who looks like Tony and it’s still great.

Here are some of those older tweets…

Kelly Slater?

Circling back to Tony’s latest tweet and case of mistaken identity, some. of the reactions are pretty good:

At this point, there have to be at least a handful of encounters where people knew if they pretended to not know it was him they’d end up on Tony’s Twitter. That’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up at this point.