Fans Floored To Learn CBS Held An ‘Intervention’ To Boost Tony Romo’s Slipping On-Air Performance

Tony Romo poses for a photo.

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Recent reports state that CBS held an intervention for broadcaster Tony Romo amid his struggling performance in the booth. The NFL quarterback turned announcer signed a 10-year deal with the network in 2020.

That agreement is worth $180 million and locks him in with the company for the foreseeable future. CBS attempted to protect their asset by meeting with Romo prior to the 2022 season.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that the network sat down with the former pro passer to both help him hone his skill and to emphasize the importance of film study.

“Tony Romo needs to study more. He needs to be better prepared because as you move away from the sidelines, you need to do more work. I know CBS is aware of this. They tried an intervention last offseason. They anticipated this, which is a credit to them, but it has not gotten better and it’s a problem.”

According to Marchand, the company saw this slip with Romo coming and they tried to get ahead of it. Folks around the network are expecting more preparation from the announcer as they look to provide a sharper product come Sunday.

Romo has certainly gotten his fair share of criticism this season, some of which is attributed to his disorganization in the booth. Still, there’s a large percentage of viewers that appreciate the knowledge he brings to the broadcast.

Those folks were floored after hearing of Romo’s intervention.

One viewer wrote, “Man what? Romo is great on the games.”

Another said, “I like Tony. What am I missing?”

This fan commented, “An intervention for what? I’m guessing because he freestyles his games, but he’s great. I’m lost.”

The intervention represents a criticism of Tony Romo, who just wrapped up his 2022 season in the booth. We’ll see if he takes the words to heart in 2023 and returns a bit more prepared.

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