Shannon Sharpe Suggests Tony Romo Almost Used Derogatory Term During AFC Title Broadcast

Shannon Sharpe attends a basketball game.

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Shannon Sharpe is hinting that Tony Romo nearly used a derogatory term on air during the AFC Championship broadcast. That suggestion has many on social media reacting.

A video of Romo’s alleged slip up surfaced Sunday night, and it’s now gone viral online.

During the thrilling ending to the Chiefs-Bengals matchup, Romo got excited after a big catch by Kansas City running back Isiah Pacheco. On the play, the tailback hauled in a Patrick Mahomes pass then eluded a trio of Cincinnati defenders to gain extra yardage.

The result of the reception was a first down in Bengals’ territory late in the fourth quarter of action.

While the Chiefs wouldn’t score on that drive, it helped with field position. After forcing the Cincy offense to punt, that field position proved beneficial on the final outcome of the game.

Following a Bengals punt, KC would get into field goal range to make the game winning kick in the final seconds.

The excitement of the game may have gotten to Tony Romo. Many, including Shannon Sharpe, believe he nearly said something he would’ve regretted on air.

The Undisputed host didn’t deny the accusation. Rather, he suggested that Romo’s emotions might’ve gotten the best of him.

It’s [live TV]. You get hyped and forget sometimes where you are.

When someone asked what he planned to do about the alleged mishap, he said the following.

What do you want me to do about how someone talks when people aren’t around? What’s my role?

Far from a denial of Romo’s using that derogatory term.

While Shannon Sharpe isn’t letting Romo off the hook, there are many who are.

One person wrote, “He wasn’t about to say it….” Another said, “‘Three near tacklers.’ Do better.”

No one will truly know his intent, but that won’t stop folks from debating.

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