Tony Romo Promised Jahlil Okafor He Would Win A Super Bowl If Duke Won A National Championship

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Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins

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Tony Romo’s fandom is a bit confusing. He grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin and wore Wisconsin red during the Badger’s 2014 run to the Final Four.

But Romo has been pegged a die hard Duke fan for years. He says that his love for Duke stemmed from the Blue Devil’s winning tradition and Christian Laettner. Tony obviously doesn’t understand the unwritten rules of being a fan: No bandwagoning. No conflicts of interest.

So basically, Tony Romo chooses his college basketball fandom with the same measured precision he used to throw this pass.

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Anyway, on his Duke kick back in early 2014, Romo promised incoming freshman Jahlil Okafor that he would win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys as soon as Duke won a title.

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I can’t validate this yet, but I’d be willing to wage my first born son that Romo isn’t picking up Okafor’s calls.

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