5 Best College Basketball Buzzer Beaters from Saturday

And, most importantly, you had some truly lovely buzzer beaters. Watch 'em again—or for the first time—right here.

5. Air Force's Todd Fletcher and Michael Lyons had a pretty good Senior Day: 30 points, five assists, and a last-second three-pointer for Lyons… and for Fletcher, a HUGE buzzer-beater 3 that gave his team an 89-88 upset win over No. 12 New Mexico.

Not too shabby, boys. Not a bad way to go out at all.

4. Horizon League Buzzer Beater Edition, Exhibit A:

Valparaiso's Ryan Broekhoff, fall-away three-pointer, buckets.

3. Horizon League Buzzer Beater Edition, Exhibit B:

Wright State's Miles Dixon, behind-the-backboard shot, somehow… buckets.

2. Belmont's Kerron Johnson hit two insane shots in this wild one to top Murray State and give his team the Ohio Valley Championship: A short jumper that sent the game into overtime, and another jumper with only 1.2 seconds left which would win the contest, 70-68.

1. Alabama and Georgia aren't exactly known for their classic basketball matchups. In fact, it's almost a little sad, sometimes, to watch SEC basketball games—you're just thinking the whole time, “This isn't what these two schools are supposed to be doing.”

Yesterday's game against the Tide and the Dawgs, however, was a classic. With an at-large bid at stake, Alabama's Trevor Releford hit a running, half-court buzzer beater to take down Georgia 61-58. And keep the team alive for the NCAA Tournament.

Anyone else, by the way, just want to fast-forward to the tournament?