A CRAZY Malfunction At A Topgolf Sent A Bunch Of Golf Balls WHIZZING Through The Bar Area

topgolf malfunction golf balls bar area video

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Pretty sure that when you sit down for a drink in the bar area at a Topgolf there aren’t supposed to be golf balls whizzing by your head at high velocities. Then again, I haven’t been to one in ages so maybe it’s a new thrill-seeking treat they’ve added to their menu of things to do there. Yeah, probably not.

According to the person who shared the video below on Reddit there was some sort of malfunction with the ball return system at this Topgolf that resulted in numerous golf balls zooming through the bar area and sent people ducking for cover.

Nothing like chilling at the bar when an indoor hail storm of golf balls starts obliterating the place, am I right?

According to the Redditor’s location stamp this appears to have taken place in Arizona, so if you live down there, be sure to bring an umbrella or some other kind of shield on your next trip to hit some balls.

Needless to say, Topgolf did not approve of this awesome new attraction…

Oh it’s not so bad, this isn’t too far off from what me and my best friend used to do as kids. One of us would sit in a tree while the other would hit wedge shots up into the higher branches and wait for the ball to fall to the ground Plinko-style. (How one of us didn’t die as youths is still beyond me. Especially when one of us bladed a shot.)

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